Spring is on it’s way and although the ground is still wet from all the rain we have had lately (thank goodness), it is time to start thinking about all the wonderful veggies we plan to plant. Just looking at the Territorial seed catalog makes me hungry for some Zebra tomatoes.  Ah… the arugula, and the thyme. Oh No! there’s not enough room to plant everything we want to plant!  Le sigh… enter the community garden. Yay! More room to plant the exotic parsnips and the heirloom tomatoes, oh, and someplace that the deer won’t eat all our prize zucchini!

The Safe House Alliance has garden plots! Although we are not in the building directly in front, (You know the post office is SOOO needy, assuming that people need their mail, such arrogance! Just kidding, we love our relationship with the post office.)  we continue to keep the garden out back. There are a lot of plots available too. They are perfect for planting the ten thousand tomato starts that came up when you only needed three plants. (Man, there’s a lot of seeds in those little packets). Or for planting all the warm weather veggies, since you went overboard with spring greens and filled your bed (been there, done that). But.. they just look so good, and who doesn’t need 43 different kinds of lettuce? Or maybe you have a mole city under your garden bed, (been there too) and you literally can watch them pull your prized petite peas underground.

So come on down to the Alliance at 535 E River Street and reserve your garden space. The dirt is already in there, we supply the water; all you do is supply the plants.  Oh, and all the work; you supply all the work. (It wouldn’t be fair if WE did the work, you would miss out on all the fun!) The garden is chemical free, all natural poo in those beds from all natural animals, so they will treat your potatoes right. There is a fee of $40 for the year, and a $40 deposit that you will get back when you leave your bed nice and tidy. There are scholarships available for those who need it too.

Anyone interested in growing and eating fresh vegetables, but assume carrots come from the store, and squash is something you get when you drop a pumpkin, we have lots of gardeners who would love to share their knowledge of how to water tomatoes or when to pick a watermelon, so fret not, there are plenty of learning opportunities. Like thanksgiving giblets don’t grow in the garden. A friend of mine said to me once “I remember when I was a child and would go out to the garden and pick the giblets with my grandma” Ah, the memories….

So give us a call, we will get you set up in your very own garden plot where you can plant those heirloom tomatoes and the 43 different lettuces that you have no room for at home. 541.592.5332 or 541.592.2515.