Ways to Volunteer!

Volunteers play a critical role in the work to end violence against women in our community.  We recognize that the work our volunteers do is difficult.  Even when our volunteers aren’t dealing directly with survivors, they can be affected by the difficult nature of the organization’s mission.  We work hard to be sure that our volunteers are informed, aware, and understand how the work can affect them.  We believe that it is extremely important that our volunteers take care of themselves, feel good about the work they do for us, and understand the contribution they make. Every contribution is important.

We rely on volunteers in a variety of ways.  Your commitment to volunteer is important in itself.  We will do our best to find a way for you to contribute that works for you.

Direct Service: Direct service volunteers are trained to work directly with survivors.  All direct service volunteers are required to complete 40 hours of training, attend ongoing training, and complete at least 8 hours shadowing an Advocate before beginning this work. 

Prevention Program:  Prevention Program Volunteers work with Advocates to maintain and facilitate prevention programs and support groups in the High School, Middle School, and Grade School.  Prevention Program volunteers are required to complete 40 hours of training before beginning this work. 

 Bystander Program:  Bystander Program volunteers work toward ending violence in our community by asking the questions “How could WE let this happen in our community?” and “How can WE learn to say something?” Volunteers learn to recognize situations and scenarios that support violence and to intervene in safe and creative ways. This approach shifts the sense of responsibility for ending violence away from victims and toward family, friends and the whole community.  Ongoing training and support is available.

Organizational Support:  We need help with a variety of tasks that are necessary to keep the organization running: help with special events and fundraising, answer phones, help with mailings, and writing thank you cards.

Virtual Volunteer Program:  We need help with a variety of projects and activities that volunteers can do from home. We need people with graphic design skills, artistic ability, web expertise, writing, proofreading, networking experience, video editing/youtube, data graphics, and more.   You could put your skills to use while you volunteer from home.  This could involve putting together some artwork or graphics for our webpage or newsletter, writing a story, e-mailing a Congress person about state or federal legislation, or to “like” a particular social media page, or reading and posting an article on your facebook page.

Board Membership: The Board of Directors manage the fiscal affairs of the Alliance, assist with the coordination of public relations, and are central to our fundraising efforts.  Board Members are required to complete 40 hours of training.