If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse or stalking, there are options available through the legal system and the courts. A person can receive a:

  1. Restraining Order if they have been the victim of abuse within the last six months and they have a qualifying relationship with the abuser.
  2.  Stalking Order if they have had two instances of unwanted contact within the past two years without the qualifying relationship with the person stalking them.
  3.  Elderly and Disabled Protection Order if they are disabled or 65 or older and someone is neglecting them, taking their money, taking their property, or otherwise abusing them. They may file for themselves or a guardian can file on their behalf.
  4. Someone who is the victim of stalking may also call the sheriff and ask to file a stalking complaint.

The Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance has protection order paperwork at their office if you need it. An advocate is available to help you complete it and may be available to go to court with you.

In addition to the protection order paperwork, the Alliance has available other legal forms, such as;

  • How to prepare for a contested restraining order
  • Modify or change a current restraining order
  • Renew a restraining order
  • Immediate danger temporary custody paperwork; pre- judgement and post- judgement

While the Safe House Alliance cannot give legal advice, advocates can help you navigate through the paperwork and help you understand what you need to do, while offering support. Call 541-592-2515.