I am Ashley, I am in my late 20’s and finally my life is going in a positive direction. I am a mother to an amazing son and three beautiful step daughters.  I enjoy every moment in life. Spending as much time in nature as possible and when I am not outdoors I am in with my family. I love to read, cook and play.

At 16 I survived a very traumatic sexual assault by a group of men. When I made it home, I was made to feel as if it was my fault by everyone I knew. Not a single soul sympathized with my ordeal and I began to believe it was truly my fault. I pushed my feelings down deep and moved into a dark mindset becoming everything I said I would never become.

When I turned 20, I decided enough was enough and cut all ties with the people who brought me down including my first love. I became a super woman of sorts and found myself again. Later in the year, I found the man of my dreams. He enjoyed everything I did and was a clean and sober influence for me. We moved in together and nothing could break the happiness… but our life hit turmoil and the relationship fell apart.

Feeling at a loss and having no skills I looked for a job and was placed with IVSHA. These wonderful women taught me, all of the things that had happened to me were not my fault and I was blinded by my abusers charm. They gave me the skills to save my relationship and myself. A couple of months into my job with IVSHA, we lost funding and I had to work elsewhere but I knew that this is where I belonged. As soon as they were able to start hiring again, I was at the door ready to take my place and be the support I know our community needs.