The staff at the Alliance understand that leaving an abusive relationship is difficult, especially if the abusive partner has sabotaged all your relationships, convinced your family that you are the problem, or has taken all your money. We are here to help if you choose to leave and can offer several options when you decide you are ready. We may be able to put you in a motel room for a night or two or until you can figure out what your next step is. We can also set you up in a shelter in another city or even another state. Some shelters have transitional housing that you can stay in for up to a year if needed. If you don’t have transportation available, we can help with that too. Domestic Violence shelters can give you a private room in a home atmosphere where advocates are supportive of you and your children, understanding your needs without judgment. It is difficult to think about leaving and starting a new life, but there are places that will support you through the process. You are not alone.