Our Impact

  Our advocacy center is open five days a week to offer direct services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.  We have had an advocate placed in the Probation Department and Department of Human Services (both part-time), we have  advocates in attendance at support groups throughout the county presenting information on services on a monthly basis.  We participate in community events.  We provide training to law enforcement and to Jackson and Josephine County Head Start Family Advocates.  We have leadership roles in our county domestic and sexual violence council and its annual leadership summit.  We bring insights and training from the Advocacy Learning Center to our council members.  We participate in county and statewide advisory boards and task forces.

            As a result of this multi-pronged approach to ending violence against women the organization’s influence and leadership enriched the capacity of Josephine County to respond effectively and with sensitivity to victims and survivors.  The organization saw a 29% increase in the number of survivors who sought services.  Supervision levels for abusers on probation were established taking into consideration the victim’s need for safety.  Our council and our partners are enlivened and excited to be part of our solution to end violence against women. 

            The Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance is the only organization that provides in-person advocacy services in Cave Junction.  Victims/survivors receive direct services including safety planning; assistance obtaining protection orders, benefits and crime victim compensation; accompaniment and/or transportation to court or medical appointments; crisis and follow-up advocacy; emergency shelter, transportation, gas assistance, food, clothing and household items, lock changes or other items that increase safety; referrals to social and legal services; and support groups.  The Alliance is also the only organization to provide advocacy support in the Probation Department, which serves all of Josephine County.


  1. Hi there, I have a bag full of Tupperware, several coats, blankets, some stuffed animals fresh washed, all items clean. Covid free. We tested negative just days ago. I also looked at your list of items needed and will pick up some items from that list as well. Can I drop them off sometime?
    thank you

    • Hi Patty, yes, you can drop them off any time. We are open today until 5:00 and tomorrow the doors are open until 11:00am, but staff is here in the office if you want to call 541.592.5332. We appreciate you thinking about us, thank you,


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