When push comes to shove

Adding insult to injury

Hitting on an idea


Take a stab at it

Shot in the dark

Push over

To be brutally honest

Soften the blow

Beats me

That really bombed

Pushed over the edge

Blown away

Killer smile

Kick the bucket

Set the world on fire

Pick your battles

That really burned me


Kicking around an idea

Get away with murder

Killing time

Punch line

If looks could kill

That kills me

Roll with the punches

Jumped the gun

Kick in the pants

Bite the bullet

The beaten path

Hit the road

That slays me

Twist your arm

Break a leg

Broken heart

Breaks my heart

Killing me softly

Knocked up

Hit up

At the end of my rope

The straw that broke the camels back

Shoot from the hip

Straight shooter

Shoot yourself in the foot

Blow up in your face

She’s a real pistol, that one

Give it a shot

Take a shot at it

Something to shoot for

Right on target

Need more ammunition

Bullet points

Take your best shot

Shoot off your mouth

Gun shy

Gunning for trouble

Under the gun

Whole shootin’ match

Shoot the breeze

Son of a gun

Shooting holes in the argument

Armed with the facts

Drop dead gorgeous

Gun the engine

Hired gun

Shooting blind

Shooting blanks

Shooting ducks in a barrel

You slay me

Ride shotgun

Traffic was murder

Moving target

Do a drive by

Bring out the big guns

Went in with guns blazin’

Keep your powder dry

Hair-trigger temper

Straight shot

Set your sights on the prize

Locked and loaded

Bang for your buck

Loose cannon

Rally the troops

Join the battle

On your radar screen

Leading the charge

Had a blast

He/she’s dynamite

Going ballistic

Old habits die hard

Combating domestic violence (slogan often used with agencies working to end domestic violence – especially those associated with law enforcement)

Fight for your Rights (slogan used in MTV campaign to address violence against youth)