Sample Screening Questions


1. Within the past few years, have you been hit, slapped, kicked, pushed, shoved, or otherwise physically hurt by a family member, a person with whom you were in a relationship, or a care giver?

2. Within the past year, has anyone in your family, or anyone you have been in a relationship with forced you to participate in sexual activities against your will?

3. (If yes to either above): Are you afraid that the person who harmed you may do it again?


Red Flags of Abusive Partners

A list of warning signs to indicate a possible abuser:

  • Jealous
  • Watching the amount of time you are away
  • Wanting to keep you away from friends
  • Asks “Who are you talking to” when you are on the phone
  • Asks too many questions
  • Sulks when he doesn’t get his way
  • Seems childish and/or insecure
  • When something is important to you, he tunes you out
  • He talks louder until he gets you undivided attention
  • He physically restrains you until you listen to him
  • Yells in your ear (sometimes until it is painful)
  • He follows you around endlessly, repeating things over and over again
  • Makes you repeat what he said back to him to be sure you were listening
  • Makes you stop what you are doing to listen to him
  • He makes all the rules. There is no flexibility
  • What you think and feel is not important
  • What he thinks and feels is very important
  • He says, ” We will get along fine as long as it goes my way”
  • He won’t admit it when he is wrong
  • He pesters you about it until you admit it
  • He tells you what you are feelings are and then punishes you with the silent treatment or violence
  • He acts if he found a clue and makes a big issue of it
  • He makes frequent accusations
  • He acts as if any attention to another human being is flirting
  • He says things like, “You belong to me”, “I got papers on you”, and “You’re my wife”
  • He criticizes frequently
  • He uses what you have told him against you
  • He does not like anybody you like or he criticizes your friends
  • He is controlling
  • He is possessive of you
  • He is bossy
  • He is jobless
  • He is a drug/alcohol user and uses that as an excuse foe his behavior
  • He was abusive in a previous relationship
  • He smiles too much (sneaky)
  • He is always argumentative
  • He has an uncontrollable temper