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The Walk

I walk “The Walk” so she never has to.
When we opened our doors for services in 2002, we knew there were compelling reasons to have services based in Cave Junction. These community-based services have saved lives and provided crisis and long-term support to over 6,000 survivors. Over the course of the twelve years we’ve worked hard to educate our community, our partners and funders that survivors need accessible services. We’ve made progress, but there is still work to be done.
Alliance staff and some close friends and family plan to walk the 30 miles into Grants Pass to get the word out, we all need to walk the walk if we want to end the violence against women. We’ve never done this sort of event before, so we’re beta-testing it ourselves with the hope it becomes an annual event.
A survivor that we worked with early on once said, “It might as well have been to the moon,” when we talked about her reaching out for support in Grants Pass and being told she would need to get to Grants Pass if she wanted to access help. That happened before we opened our doors, but it remains a common theme when we sit down the first time with survivors.
The Alliance approaches ending violence against women from three different perspectives: intervention, prevention and community engagement. This walk will raise funds for the intervention and prevention work, but the walk itself is another effort to engage the community in our work.
You’ll have an opportunity to sponsor walkers with a donation by the mile or a set amount. We’re in the process of designing a t-shirt for the walkers, but we’ll have extra t-shirts and grocery bags with the walk logo on them if you’d like to purchase them. You can call the office at 541.592.2515 for more information on how to sponsor a walker or to order a t-shirt or a grocery bag. Walkers will also be walking door to door to get sponsors. They’ll be wearing the t-shirt and have badges so you can be assured they are from the Alliance.
By the time the walk comes around we’ll each have walked between 100 to 300 miles to prepare for this event! We are proud to walk “The Walk,” so she never has to.

Introducing Our Board Members.

Name: Ms. Gray Conway 

Current City/State of Residence: Cave Junction/Oregon           

 Job Title/Career Specialty: Rogue Community College Facility Coordinator/Communications

 How did you get involved with the Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance? I was invited to become a board member.

 What makes the Safe House Alliance unique? The organization is unique in serving a remote rural community within a county that is primarily served by another organization.  Before the Safe House Alliance existed, our community was under served by the other organization due to the geographic challenges facing survivors in crisis. 

One thing you are excited to help improve or develop at the Alliance: I am excited about the development of a micro-enterprise that promises to afford employment training opportunities for survivors, and to involved in long-range planning for a local shelter.

An example of a time when you have seen the impact that the Alliance has had and/or the promise of things improving: I’ve been thrilled to see the community-wide impact the Alliance has had by leasing our facility to the US Postal Service during the construction of a new Cave Junction Post Office.  The former post office was destroyed by a fire leaving much of the community at a huge disadvantage without a local post office.  This is a great example of how the Alliance has flexed to benefit the entire community while serving the survivors of domestic abuse and violence.  

 Your hidden talent: My hidden talent is doing complicated bead work with tiny seed beads.

 One place you have always wanted to visit: Ireland, Nepal, Tibet, Scotland, and Wales

 Something that might surprise people about you: It could surprise people that I have five grown children.

 Your favorite hobby/pastime:  Caring for my nine cats, two Boston Terriers, and five acres of land.

 Your passion: My passion is to be a small part of large efforts to help empower people.