In the Illinois Valley we have the honor of knowing so many fantastic men and women. One man in particular is Jeff Bradbury. Jeff is employed at the Department of Human Services in Cave Junction where he has been a compassionate heart and a listening ear for many in need of assistance.

Jeff has been married to his lovely wife Erin for ten years; together they are raising two amazing children, Colton almost two years old and Ty who is seven.
Jeff is an Army veteran serving his country for five years. An injury he obtained in Iraq while driving a Humvee won him a plane ticket home to his wife and family.
Back home Jeff attended Rogue Community College. Hearing about a job opening in the town he grew up in (Cave Junction) Jeff quickly applied and was hired! He said, “I guess they must have liked me”.
Jeff loves this valley and the mountains, trees, rivers and lakes that surround it. He loves spending time outdoors with friends and family. He considers himself blessed to live in such a diverse community where the goodness of people far outweighs the bad.
Working for the Department of Human Services, Jeff has a front row seat to see the devastating effects that poverty, drug/alcohol abuse and domestic violence just to name a few has on our small community. “I cannot understand abusing someone you claim to love”, he says. “I have learned so much about domestic violence since I began working here.” “To see the effects on children is overwhelming.”
Jeff has always stuck up for the underdog and he will protect anyone that’s being hurt. He knows that we must teach our children when they are young how to treat others and if you lead the way with respect and love for all people your children will have clear footprints to walk in.
Resources in this rural community are scarce but pulling together with what we have can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life. At the Illinois Valley Family Coalition we all work together. “In that way we are unique”, Jeff says.
“I would truly like to see more done for the veterans out here in the valley. There is a major lack of housing, and many live in tents. There’s something wrong with that picture!”
There are so many things that need to change but it can start with us. We can learn about the various resources in our community, and be knowledgeable on ways we can help.
We all have a part to play whether it’s big or small, do something! Together we can make a difference.

Right on Jeff!!!